The wind blows the trees about
as if they were in a wrestling bout

I stand here in my blue pyjamas
feeding meat to my pet piranhas

The world is spinning slowly I'm told
the Sahara is hot, the South Pole is cold

I think I might be mentally ill.
I decide to give the piranhas a thrill

I place my left hand in the water,
the room echoes with my laughter

They strip my hand to the bone-it
only takes one hand to write a poem.

First published in The Writers in the Park Anthology
Winner of the 1991 Sydney Festival Poetry Cup
Published in It Only Takes One Hand to Write a Poem:Selected Poems by Rod Gibson, One Hand Productions, 2012.

Welcome to the home page of One Hand Productions. One Hand has emerged as a direct response to the inspiration provided by the life and death of Rod Gibson, the Poet Lorikeet of the North Coast (1950-2011), who created wonderful, award winning poetry, prose and plays out of the chaos of schizophrenia.

Its mission is to publish and produce the voices of those of us who, through illness, disability, old age and trauma, might otherwise be sidelined or marginalised in the mainstream art world. It has both a publication arm and a theatrical production arm.

The first publication available through One Hand is It Only Takes One Hand to Write a Poem a selection of Rod's poetry from the mid 1980s up until his death in 2011.  It retails at $25.